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How to watch Terry's Funeral online

All the information you need to join us remotely on the 4th December

Funeral livestream info:

To log in to the livestream of Terry Little's funeral, please visit:


Username: Muse0410

Password: 792442

The crematorium have advised there is a test connection which is available now, for you to check your tech. They suggest everyone logs in between now and the funeral time tomorrow to ensure you feel comfortable with whatever settings your device may need. There will be one single livestream of dad's funeral, we will not be recording it or sharing it on any other platform so please do check your tech to ensure you don't miss it.

The livestream will start at 15:40, however as is the case with funerals, at times they may over-run. If you log in and it does not appear to be the funeral of Terry Little, please log out and return a few minutes later. 

For an online version of the Order of Service, please click here.